Experimental Audio pproduced in collaboration by  Patricia Domínguez, Futuro Fósil, Radim Lisa and Terezie Štindlová in Santiago and Puerto Saavedra, Chile and in Brno, Czech Republic, 2018. This piece was commissionedfor the exhibition 'Who Cares, a radio Tale' was curated by Naz Bescan, Ibrahim Cisse, Harriet Costello, Benedetta d'Ettorre, Alba Folgado and Agata Kik, as part of the Curating Contemporary Art Programme MA Graduate Projects 2018, Royal College of Art.

idreamt@ceramics is an artistic audio exploration on the mutation of colonialism into neoliberalism in the Chilean territory. The project carries out a non-generic revival of the history of the South of Chile from an interview to Lorenzo Aillapan, Bird-Man from Mapuche origins, who has dedicated many years to the cultivation and development of a unique and original literary genre: the interpretation of bird singing, who speaks of a sort of critical indigeneity which resists folklorization, re-combining and re-choreographing the elements of collective memory that encircle them with emancipatory gestures.



Lorenzo Aillapán

Elisita Punto Balbontín

María Angélica Domínguez

Patricia Domínguez

Toby Hall

Music credits

ATA01 by Futuro Fósil (link) (Chile)

Pasan Décadas feat Adriana by Buen Clima / Courtesy of Panal Records (link) (Chile)

MII 6 by deafness (Generic Trance) (link) (lic)

wonderstuck by Ryan Little (link) lic


Dream-More by Cid Ikarus (link) lic

Cristiano Campos - Neon City Light (Owen Ni's Dub Rework) - PREVIEW [Run On Recordings] 5.2.16 by Owen Ni (link)  lic

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Curating Contemporary Art Programme MA Graduate Projects, Royal College of Art.

Gasworks London

Resonance 104.4 FM

Pamela Cañoles

Fernanda Claro

Isidora Correa

Marco Godoy



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